Sundridge Park Golf Club

Dress code and Pace of Play Policy

Dress code and Club Policy for Sundridge Park Golf Club – 1st January 2016

Members and their guests are respectfully requested to maintain an appropriate standard of dress as laid down by the Club’s rules and regulations.  These can be summarised as follows:
Terrace, Clubhouse (Excluding Restaurant)

Monday to Sunday:
Smart casual dress/ jacket/ golfing attire/ denim jeans/ shorts can be worn. Please remove muddy waterproof trousers and clean your Golf shoes prior to entering the Clubhouse. Hats are not to be worn in the clubhouse by Gentlemen, Ladies may wear a hat or headscarf. Closed toe deck shoes may be worn on the terrace and in the clubhouse with or without socks – Gentlemen are required to wear white socks if wearing Open toed sandals on the terrace and in the Clubhouse.

Gentlemen must have their shirts tucked in at all times.

Restaurant and club functions with meal
Sunday Lunch - Gentlemen jacket and ties are optional - Gentlemen must have their shirts tucked in at all times – Golf shoes are not permitted. Other Club Functions  – dress code is smart casual except when specified otherwise

Members Bar

Golf shoes cannot be worn in the members bar at anytime

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones can now be used for voice calls in all areas of the Clubhouse with the strict exception of the lounges, restaurant, bar areas and the terrace. Phones can be used for non voice calls  (ie texting, emailing etc anywhere.  Members are reminded when using mobile phones in permitted areas to be mindful of other club members.


On the course (at all times):
can be collared, collared polo, roll or turtleneck.
They must not be collarless, football or rugby shirts, or vests.
Gentlemen’s shirts must always be tucked in.
Trousers or Shorts:
must be tailored (including shorts) or plus 2s/4s. Shorts with zip pockets specifically designed for Golf wear are acceptable.
They must not be tracksuits, leggings, blue denim jeans or cargo trousers/shorts, or have patch pockets in the leg
(Ladies may also wear skirts or culottes.)

With shorts, gentlemen can wear long socks of any colour or white sports socks of any length. Football, rugby or non-white socks of less than knee length are not acceptable. Except when wearing long trousers, ladies’ socks should be white or otherwise co-ordinate with their attire.
Golf shoes must be worn on the course and these include “Golf sandals” and “Golf Boots” specifically sold in Golf Pro shops for use on the Golf Course. Trainers may not be worn on the course
Hats are not to be worn back-to-front on the course.
Wet gear/waterproofs:
if wet or soiled, must not to be worn in the clubhouse.


The use of phones on the course is for real emergencies only.

Speed of Play - Policy

For Competition and Casual Golf some pointers to remember…

Encourage ‘Ready, Steady, Golf’– play when safe and ready to do so; not necessarily in order of furthest ball from hole
Play a ‘provisional’ ball if you think there is danger that your first ball maybe lost or not easily found. It’s a lot quicker to play a second ball from the tee than walk all the way back
Remember to always announce the brand name and number of your provisional ball to the others in your group, as if you don’t then it automatically becomes the ball in play (see rule 10-3 and rule 27).
Look for your own ball before heading over to help others (where practicable).
Keep an eye on the time when you start your search – remember you have a maximum of 5 minutes to search for it. After that the ball is officially lost, so you should play your provisional ball.
Leave your bag or trolley near the exit to the green
Mark your scorecard on the next tee, or if you’re first to tee off, then play your tee shot then mark the card.
There’s no shame in calling players through and it benefits everyone. The group behind will certainly appreciate it! FACT: we all lose balls from time to time even good players(!), and in some cases maybe 2 or 3 players lose balls on the same hole, so unavoidable delays do occur!
First player to hole out gets the flag.
In Casual Golf,  groups that are holding up others will be asked to invite the group behind through or be asked to walk on a hole to catch up


If you keep up with the group in front. You cannot be accused of slow play.

Finally, we play golf for fun, not our livelihood, even when we are playing in a competition. However, playing golf is not the same as strolling along a prom; nor is the golf course a place for chatter with players in other groups.


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